Sharol Candace Way

Basic Information
752 Ewing Rd
Cochranville, PA 19330-9335
United States
(484) 678 7452
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Initial Breed: 
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers

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As a judge, what are your personal preferences as they relate to the priority of judging this breed (movement, balance, head, front-end, rear-end, eye color, markings, etc...)
My first priority is the overall outline….does it fit the picture of a Rottweiler. Is there muscle tone, proper body length & height, flow of back line. Then movement…is it free, strong and true…with good use of the properly laid back shoulder and carrying thru with the hind quarters….does the backline hold firm on the go-round. A good strong head piece and a noble demeanor.
Some judges look as the Rottweiler as a "head breed", although there is so much more to the animal, what specifically do you look for in a correct head-piece?
A broad skull with properly placed ears…good dark eyes that have character….a strong and deep muzzle and proper dentition. A dog that looks back at you with nobility and self-assuredness.
If judging two very similar dogs, what is the one characteristic that you'd look at twice to differentiate?
Probably feet (being proper) and topline carriage when moving. If they still were very similar, probably body length and/or muscle tone.
Do you consider clear markings a high priority component of judging or more a cosmetic characteristic?
While I look at the markings to assure they are there, the well defined clarity of them would Be lower on my priority list than physical characteristics.
As you have judged over the years, what have breeders improved upon? What is still lacking?
I think the size and balance have gotten better along with the condition. Probably hi set shoulders resulting in lack of reach continues to be a problem…as it is in a lot of breeds.
How important is the role of the handler in presenting a dog?
Most important in presenting the mouth…as it saves time for me if we don’t have to ‘wrestle the dog to the ground’ to get a good look. Also the rapport between dog/handler keeps the dog up on his toes and in one piece.
When judging the Best of Breed class, how do you balance judging the dogs vs. the bitches?
do love a good bitch and will not hesitate to use one for BOB, Group or BIS.
What is your procedure when a tailed Rottweiler joins in the competition in the AKC ring?
I respect the RCA and it’s statement on tails. I would probably put it to the end of the line, but would not excuse it. A funny story….on one of my first Provisionals, I had 9 Rotties with tails. I guess someone somewhere thought a Provisional would let them pass.
Any additional comments?
I think temperaments have come a long way since my first judging. Most of the Rotties are perfect ladies and gentlemen in the ring and display a calm and confident personality. I do enjoy judging them.