M Ann Schwartz

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10523 Zalma St
River Ridge, LA 70123-1264
United States
(504) 737 0474
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As a judge, what are your personal preferences as they relate to the priority of judging this breed (movement, balance, head, front-end, rear-end, eye color, markings, etc...)
Balance and movement
Some judges look as the Rottweiler as a "head breed", although there is so much more to the animal, what specifically do you look for in a correct head-piece?
A head of proper proportions that fit the rest of the dog and correct dentition
If judging two very similar dogs, what is the one characteristic that you'd look at twice to differentiate?
The shoulder assembly
Do you consider clear markings a high priority component of judging or more a cosmetic characteristic?
Clear markings are important for expression but does not have priority over structure.
As you have judged over the years, what have breeders improved upon? What is still lacking?
The topline and the temperament. Still need better front ends.
How important is the role of the handler in presenting a dog?
The handler be they owner or professional who presents the dog properly make the judges job easier.
When judging the Best of Breed class, how do you balance judging the dogs vs. the bitches?
The dogs should be masculine and the bitches feminine with structure of each.
What is your procedure when a tailed Rottweiler joins in the competition in the AKC ring?
I have not addressed this issue as yet. I will judge following the standard.
Any additional comments?
I feel that as a whole the breed has improved which gives the judges more quality to judge.